Dementia-Inclusive Communities Initiative, & Erasing Boundaries Research Institute. Innovations in social research & programs for dementia inclusive communities, care partner support, and arts access for people living with dementia, their care partners, and communities.

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What is Erasing Boundaries and the Dementia-Inclusive Communities Initiative?

Erasing Boundaries emerged from a desire of Elder Care Alliance to extend its mission impact to include people who do not currently benefit from the services provided in ECA’s five elder communities. ECA recognized that there is currently both a great need and a unique opportunity to develop innovative, collaborative, and truly life-changing projects whose goal is to change ways in which we approach aging and end-of-life. With the generous support of The San Francisco Foundation, ECA has been able to take the first step toward enacting a vision of multigenerational, creative communities that celebrate older adults, people living with dementia, and care partners & caregivers.

The Dementia-Inclusive Communities Initiative begins with a one-year pilot program whose aim is two-fold: to test the theory that the arts and creativity are an essential component of livable communities, and, centering the experiences of people living with dementia and caregivers, to connect like-minded organizations and individuals engaged in some way with the arts, aging, dementia-inclusion, or livable communities.

Who is behind it?

In August, Sadie Harmon joined Elder Care Alliance as Dementia-Inclusive Communities Director. Prior to her role at ECA, she was Director of the Performing Arts Institute at Stagebridge, the nation’s oldest performing arts organization for older adults. She received her MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from California College of the Arts in 2013, and has been a teaching artist and Life Enrichment Coordinator in Assisted Living, Memory Care, & Skilled Nursing Communities. In both her practice as an artist and as a professional within the field of aging, Sadie emphasizes collaboration, listening, and working across disciplines.

How to get involved?

Sadie is in the process of planning programming, which will start in early 2019. If you are interested in being a part of the planning process, please join the mailing list or contact Sadie directly. We are interested in working with people living with dementia, informal, family, and professional care partners & caregivers, or professionals in any field interested in creative, multigenerational, livable communities.

Programming in 2019 will consist of at least six dementia-inclusive art experiences that will take place in San Francisco, and a series of curated conversations that will culminate in one convening focused on this work. If you are interested in attending, facilitating, or volunteering at an art experience, or would like to be one of our community partners, please join our mailing list or contact Sadie directly. We are specifically looking to partner with arts organizations, senior centers, subsidized housing for older adults, and organizations that provide support to caregivers or services for people with dementia who live at home.

The conversation series will be focus on different ideas, themes, or challenges within the fields of arts, aging, and livable communities. Some examples might include the relationship between community arts, fine art, and art therapy; or the formation of a dementia-identity. As this series develop, we will put out calls to invited participants. If you would like to be on a general interest list, please contact us!

The convening is tentatively scheduled for late spring or early summer of 2019, and will be built from topics that have emerged during the conversation series, as well as insights from the dementia-inclusive art experiences. We will be adding more information about the convening soon, including a save-the-date, calls for proposals, and more. Please join our mailing list to remain up-to-date. If you would like to join us as a volunteer for the convening or planning process, please contact us.



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