Dementia-Inclusive Communities Initiative, & Erasing Boundaries Research Institute. Innovations in social research & programs for dementia inclusive communities, care partner support, and arts access for people living with dementia, their care partners, and communities.


Let’s make a world in which we don’t fear aging or people living with dementia, but instead celebrate the lives and contributions of everyone in our communities. Support this essential work today.

Please, consider supporting this work! Busy or live far away? There are other ways that you can get involved:

  • Follow us on Twitter @ErasingWalls and Instagram @erasingboundaries

  • Work in media or the press? Share the work that we’re doing. Contact us for more information.

  • Want to make a monetary donation? Thank you! Here’s what you’ll be supporting:

    • $30 is enough to pay for transportation to an inclusive community event for one person living with dementia & their care partner

    • $100 pays for art supplies for a class of 6 people

    • $250 supports a teaching artist to plan & facilitate one two-hour long class

    • $500 goes toward maintaining open-use, community space for classes and meetings

    • $1000 covers one two-hour art class for people living with dementia, including materials, teaching artist time, administration, transportation, outreach, and snacks.

    • $5000 allows us to conceive & produce a dementia-inclusive, public art experience with artists, community based organizations, people living with dementia, and care partners.

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What do you want from us?
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A handmade thank-you card describing the impact of this work
A piece of original artwork
Tickets to an art event
Expert consultations about how to make a space or event dementia-inclusive
Specialized content, such as toolkits, resource guides, or newsletters